Educational & Program Involvement

Quantifiable results of our program’s efforts are important to our success, so we evaluate our consenting students in a number of critical areas with two approaches. In order to measure thoroughly, we need the help of willing and diligent volunteers like you!

Requirements for Data Collection: No research skills are required, but because the collation of this important information requires many hours of meticulous observation and accurate data input, individuals should be detail-oriented, patient, able to work at a fast-paced environment, and excited to work with children. A one hour orientation and a successful background check is mandatory.

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BMI Data Collection

Description:  Twice a year, at the beginning and end of the school year, Schoolyard Roots takes the height and weight of consenting students at participating schools. We use this information to calculate student BMI, or Body Mass Index, which the CDC notes is basically weight (kg) divided by the square of height (m). With additional information such as sex and age, students are placed in weight categories and percentiles that shed light on their susceptibility to adverse health conditions.

Commitment & Location: Over the course of two weeks, we spend one day at each of our schools taking these measurements for kindergarten through 5th grade during their scheduled PE times. We utilize 6 or more volunteers at a time, with shifts of 1-2 hours, dependent on grade-level P.E. schedules.

I want to help with BMI data collection!

Qualtrics Data Collection

Description:  Also completed at the beginning and end of every school year, these surveys help Schoolyard Roots learn a little about the relationship each student in our program has with food and tracks how this relationship might change through time. This data sheds light on the impact our program has on the lives of our students. The questions are based around their likes and dislikes of certain fruits and vegetables as well as their knowledge of simple horticulture. While the older grades, 3rd through 5th, are able to complete these surveys on their own, volunteers will need to read the survey and input answers for younger students (kindergartners – 2nd grade).

Commitment & Location: Time shifts are vary based on class schedule. We ask that volunteers agree to at least 1-2 hour shifts. Two volunteers can get through one large class in approximately 50 minutes.

I want to help with survey collection!