Ready to make a difference? 

Each semester, University of Alabama students help make our school gardens the best they can be through our Let’s Grow! class. Ready to dig deep into farming practice? Organic Farming may be for you. See below to find the class that’s right for you. Sign up for classes through the mybama portal during open registration times.

“I have a learned connection with the earth that I think is uncommon in today‚Äôs world. I want to eat healthily and sustainably not just because it sounds nice and pretty, but because I understand at a deep level what that entails for me and the planet as a whole.”

-Organic Farming student

Let’s Grow!

Leaders in Let’s Grow

Organic Farming 

UH 120-020

In this class, you will spend a semester contributing to a unique initiative in Alabama, bringing hands-on education to youth through school gardens. Offered Fall & Spring semesters with instructor permission.

[3 credit hours]

UH 405

This course focuses on leadership through mentoring and building community relations, while making a measurable impact on elementary students’ lives. Honors Special Approval Application Required. Gardening experience or elementary educational experience is encouraged. 

[3 credit hours]

 NEW 226

Explore the basics of organic farming in a hands-on, practical class while also examining the principles behind organic farming. Spring semester only.

[4 credit hours]

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