“I feel so blessed that we have this
program here at our school, and that y’all come in. You present it in such a way that it seems doable—physically
and mentally.”

– Geri Cauthen, 5th Grade Teacher

“My grandma’s vegetables are good because they’re cooked with love! It’s called butter!” – 4th Grade Student

“I just love eating the food and gardening the food.  Because it’s healthy and it’s fresh grown which is the best thing.” – Caleb, 4th Grade 

“You know how I know how to act like a butterfly? I take ballet lessons.” – 1st Grade, Flatwoods Elementary

“The garden lends itself to many life lessons. Its a living, breathing entity in our school” – Ms. Duncan, 1st Grade Teacher

One of Mrs. Ivory’s 4th Grade students at Central was pretty crazy about our salad. He gave it a 100/100! He also asked us to write down the recipe so he could copy it down and take it home and make it himself!

“Fertilizer Stinks

It smells like wet dog (ruff)

We use it a lot”

-Erynn, 3rd Grade

Our students participate in seeding, growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating the fruits of their labor. These early lessons have a lifelong impact on all our students. You can change students’ lives here.

80% of Schoolyard Roots partner teachers reported that the garden has increased students’ interest in school!

“If I was a skeptic, it all disappeared when one day I overhead a first grader say, ‘Mom you have to go to the garden and buy white beauty radishes. I like the way the first bite is a little spicy and the rest of the bites are kind of like a mushroom.’” – Jeanne Burkhalter, former Principal of Tuscaloosa Magnet School

“My favorite thing about garden is the food we eat, planting, and everything else” – Logan, 3rd Grade