“They’re able to see it – it’s a lab, it’s an actual lab that they’re getting to run their math through, their science, their social studies.”

 – Dr. Cameron, former Principal at University Place Elementary School

“I’ve only touched a gummy worm. Those things don’t move” -3rd Grade Student

We all remember staring down at a patterned china plate and being told we had to eat every bite, no matter how we felt about it. The philosophy at Schoolyard Roots is slightly different: try everything at least once, and do so respectfully.

Which is why a Schoolyard Roots teacher was surprised to see one of our 4th grade culinary experts sitting on the sidelines during a cooking lesson, scrunching up her eyes and plugging her nose as she forced herself to keep working on a plate of swiss chard.

He explained to her that it was okay not to like all the food, and that a lot of people have their own tastes when it comes to vegetables. Many of our staff and volunteers don’t even like every kind of vegetable! He praised her for having courage and trying something new.

Still, our hardworking chef wasn’t comfortable with not finishing her food. She told us in a conflicted-sounding tone, “I don’t like how it tastes, but I want to try my best to eat it anyway because I know we all worked so hard together to make it!”

Ultimately, she realized it was okay not to clean her plate, but it goes without saying that we were impressed by the pride she took in the work of her class!

Exciting news! One of our partner schools, Woodland Forrest Elementary School, has been named a Green Ribbon School by both the state Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education! Congratulations, Woodland Forrest!


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The Juice Bar here in town helped these smiling students learn how to make delicious, healthy fruit juices! They loved watching the juicer at work- almost as much as they loved tasting something new!

“I wish there were a thousand billion 900 strawberries so I could eat them all!” – Kindergarten, Alberta

“Wow, that was a GREAT time!”

– Kindergarten, Flatwoods

“It has been a pleasure to have our gardens. It’s been the best Thursdays in the world. I LOVE Garden class!” – Breyden, 4th Grade

“I feel so blessed that we have this  program here at our school. You present it in such a way that it seems doable—physically
and mentally.”

– Geri Cauthen, 5th Grade Teacher

“My grandma’s vegetables are good because they’re cooked with love! It’s called butter!” – 4th Grade Student

“I just love eating the food and gardening the food.  Because it’s healthy and it’s fresh grown which is the best thing.” – Caleb, 4th Grade